Re-engineering  Juicer

Enjoy an  intense and unique emotional experience :    with a genuine orange juice, one minute pressed juice by yourself

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presse-agrumes innovant et design de la marque arcimboldo

What  about changing the way
to press the fruit?

presse orange manuel sale

Manual  pressing : too much work !

Long and  unpleasant
Dirty  for hands
Time-consuming  for cleaning

Discover  the Arcimboldo juicer :    
A revolution for professionals.

Offer  the best fresh pressed juice, without constraints!

A simple  and pleasant experience
Easy and  spotless cleaning
Elegant  and timeless design
presse-agrumes arcimboldo sur son corner, avec des corbeilles pleines d'oranges

Amplify  your senses and rediscover pure orange juice pressed with Arcimboldo.

Enjoy an  genuine and natural fruit juice : intense pleasure guaranteed !

une fille boit du jus d'orange pressé à la bouteille
belle table de petit déjeuner dressée sur un balcon, devant la mer et l'horizon

Take the  time to enjoy a real moment of well-being.

Bring  all the vitality that nature has to offer, right into your glass!

oranger devant un fond de ciel bleu, avec feuilles vertes et oranges

When  design and innovation become one

explication du brevet arcimboldo et de la nouvelle manière de presser une orange

A new way of pressing the fruit

After several years of R&D and several patents registered, Arcimboldo  proposes a new process of pressing that respects the fruit. By compressing the orange on a cannula, the juice is taken directly from  the heart of the fruit.    

Authentic, 100% healthy and natural, Arcimboldo delivers an orange juice  with outstanding quality.

Simple and intuitive to use

vue de près de l'insertion d'une orange dans le presse-agrumes arcimboldo

Here, the orange acts as a capsule. Simply place the fruit in the insertion hatch, lift the tab, and press the button to start pressing.

45 seconds and 2 oranges are enough to obtain a full glass, without any zest taste and with little pulp.

Corner arcimboldo complet, avec son presse-agrumes et ses corbeilles pleines d'oranges

Timeless design

Sleek and elegant, the Arcimboldo corner fits easily into any environment.

With Arcimboldo, you can offer to your customers a unique emotional and tasty experience by allowing them to make an genuine orange juice themselves, in complete simplicity.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

illustration du nettoyage du presse-agrumes arcimboldo

For Professionals, Arcimboldo is also the simplicity of the cleaning protocol, which ensures impeccable cleanliness.

Just put a few parts in the dishwasher every day to ensure total hygiene.

Design at the heart of Arcimboldo

To each  his own benefits

For you,  individuals :

An  intense and personal experience
A full  glass in less than a minute
A  lightly pulped, zest-free juice
A  genuine and healthy juice, all the vitamins are preserved

To each  his own benefits

For you,  professionals :

Improve  the image of your hotel, with an enhanced offer
A sleek  and elegant design that fits
your world
No human  intervention required
Simple  and optimal cleaning

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